GLOBIS Corporate Education

We support the promotion of “creation and transformation of companies” through the provision of services and solutions for human resource development and Organization development. We aim to be a partner who can be consulted first for solving management and Organization issues.
There are two Organization according to the solution characteristics, "GLOBIS Executive Development (GED)" and "GLOBIS Corporate Solutions (GCS)" are working together.

About department

GLOBIS The mission of the corporate division of Organization is to "promote the creation and transformation of companies through human resource development and organization development."
Among them, since we launched in 2012, our goal is to provide high quality educational services to as many clients as possible.

Since the founding of GLOBIS in 1992, we have identified issues through discussions with our clients, using the knowledge and experience we have gained from our involvement in producing business leaders.
We propose and provide the best combination of solutions from among GLOBIS 's services, such as training, schools, digital services, and assessment testing, that will lead to the solution of the client's issues.

In addition to consultants who work at the client front, the entire value chain, including service planning and development, marketing and inside sales, and service delivery and operations, is held within the department, and each function closely coordinates information and works together to maximize the value provided to clients.

Medium- to long-term vision

In order to provide cutting-edge leader development and Organization development methods to as many companies as possible, we not only pursue quality, but also refine the business processes of the entire Organization and pursue efficiency at the same time. ——To realize such Organization, we are racking our brains.

Each function works together and we continue to pursue both quality and quantity to increase the number of companies we do business with, broaden our coverage, realize up-selling and cross-selling among companies, and work to maximize LTV.

In particular, we aim to be No. 1 in Japan in the following three areas.
① No. 1 in Japan in “in-house management education training (package type)”
② No. 1 in Japan in "open management education (executive school for executives and management school for business people)"
③ No. 1 in Japan in thinking ability measurement of "assessment test (GMAP)"

Division characteristics

In order to realize "Great Standard Service," each member of the front office and back office views management as their own personal responsibility, thinks from the perspective Organization as a whole and its overall optimization, and approaches and acts on their work every day. By the way.

Pursuing quality and quantity at the same time, which we tend to think of as an alternative, will lead to providing the value of high-quality management education to as many customers as possible. Based on this idea, our members: We are completely committed to solving essential problems that are sincerely tailored to each customer (quality), and to carrying out efficient work with a strong focus on standardization (quantity).

As Organization, we take even one request from a client seriously, and do not simply listen to the request, but always consider the impact on all clients and services as a whole.
On the other hand, even if it is just one request, if it is beneficial to all clients, we will review, improve, and evolve the way we provide services without being bound by precedent.

In this way, members who think and act from the perspective of overall optimization are rotating the PDCA cycle at high speed throughout Organization, which is why GLOBIS is a growth engine that continues to grow in double digits every year even in a VUCA environment, and a source of competitiveness. It can be a source.

Interdepartmental collaboration/

■ Joint proposal with GLOBIS Corporate Solutions, another Organization within GLOBIS Corporate Education:
In order to realize the customer's issues and goals, it may be necessary to customize the program according to the context of the individual company.
In such cases, we work with GLOBIS Corporate Solutions Team, which provides tailor-made training, to make proposals and respond to customer needs throughout GLOBIS.
These collaborations are more than just introductions, they are also opportunities for us and the GLOBIS Corporate Solutions division to demonstrate joint value.

■ Collaboration with GLOBIS Digital Platform:
Because we have many clients, we have many examples of working together to create better services by reflecting customer feedback to Organization. “GLOBIS Manabihoudai”, which aims to be a learning platform for business people, is one of them.
In addition to developing new video content and strengthening services such as system improvements for corporate administrators, we collaborate across departments in various aspects such as planning sales strategies and examining service plans. We aim to improve the value of our services and maximize the value we provide to our customers.

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