Founder and President

Yoshito Hori

Toward becoming the world's No.1
 GLOBIS will continue to take on challenges.
There is a GLOBIS Way
 at the bottom of us.

GLOBIS started in 1992 with 20 students attending a marketing course in a small rented classroom in Shibuya. With had no capital and no credit, all I had At that time was a strong desire to "believe in possibilities" and the vision I had developed at Harvard Business School: "to create and transform society by creating an ecosystem of people, capital and knowledge related to management."
Even now, 30 years after its founding, GLOBIS continues to consistently work toward the realization of its vision.

In terms of "People", "the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University (MBA)" and " GLOBIS Executive School" to train and produce business leaders who are "aspirants of creation and innovation." We continue to support corporate transformation through human resource development and Organization development services for corporations.
In terms of "Capital", we provide total support for the management of startup companies in GLOBIS Capital Partners.
In terms of "Knowledge", through the publication of management books such as the "GLOBIS MBA Series", the knowledge library "GLOBIS Insights" that makes business interesting, and the subscription video learning service "GLOBIS Manabihoudai/Unlimited, we provide learning content useful for business management in Japanese and English in text articles and videos.

GLOBIS changed its original goal of "Asia's No. 1 MBA" to "World's No. 1 MBA in Technovate Era" in 2020. Now that technology is opening up a new era, we will further accelerate our contribution to society, which has been the axis since our founding, and promote Create and innovate from Japan to the world.

At the core of GLOBIS, which continues to run toward the realization of its vision, is the mission of "providing new value to 'Society', 'Individuals' and 'Corporations' as a professional entrepreneur group." Each and every GLOBIS staff member is aware that they are professionals in corporate management, and we would like to contribute to society by creating and transforming society by creating a system that allows us to continuously create new value.

To everyone who shares our vision and mission and wants to Create and innovate society together with good friends at GLOBIS. See you at GLOBIS.


Managing Director

Sonoko Igarashi

The GLOBIS Way is a shared sense of values for all employees and a source that guides the creation and transformation of society.

“Creating an ecosystem of people, money, and knowledge related to management, and Create and innovate society.” What does it take for GLOBIS to realize this vision? The answer is simple: GLOBIS will continue to be a company that generates Create and innovate. To that end, it is important for each employee to have an awareness of being a leader and to continue to evolve today from yesterday and tomorrow from today.

I want to support the “individual explosion” of each employee. With that in mind, it is essential to create an environment where rules are kept to a minimum and where you can do whatever you want. Therefore, GLOBIS conducts management based on principles and values rather than rules. GLOBIS the GLOBIS Way is a written statement of these principles. Management policy, business strategy, personnel system, etc. are all formulated according to this way.

The "Management Principles" clarifies the specific value that we should provide to society, individuals, and stakeholders. For society, we advocate "contributing to society through business." We have made it clear that we will only engage in businesses that contribute to society. In addition, we provide employees, who are the parties involved in realizing this, with a place where they can thoroughly achieve self-actualization. Only by believing in potential, demonstrating entrepreneurial spirit, and realizing self-actualization, can we demonstrate value to society. Finally, for our stakeholders, we aim to "realize an ideal corporate system." We declare that we will build and maintain an ideal corporate system that is fair and open by increasing the satisfaction of all people involved in our business. If GLOBIS cannot realize an ideal corporate system, GLOBIS' customers and students are not qualified to teach management.

In addition, we have established "Business Gidelines" for growth in GLOBIS, "Action Guidelines" that specifically indicate how employees should behave, and "Specifics" as judgment criteria for each function. We enable high-quality individual decision-making.

At the same time, we have established an "HR Policy" as an Organization concept. Basic Philosophy is the principle of 'Individual Discretion and Responsibility' in accordance with the doctrine of good nature. It is precisely because each individual acts independently based on their own free will that they are able to open up their own potential, and the potential of GLOBIS will further expand as each individual demonstrates leadership. On the one hand, freedom comes with professional responsibility. Underlying our Organizational Management is the concept of "Management by Value." We pursue management based on values that we want to cherish, rather than management based on instructions, orders, rules and regulations. We believe in each other, expand the range of self-discipline and possibilities of each individual through thorough empowerment, and operate Organization that encourages “individual explosion”.

When asked, "Why has GLOBIS been able to grow so far?", the answer is "Because of the GLOBIS Way." I think most companies have a philosophy, but it takes time to embody and permeate it. We have sincerely carried out philosophical management centered on the GLOBIS Way. From the time of hiring, we check each other to see how much we can sympathize with the philosophy, and in personnel evaluations, we check the degree of embodying the GLOBIS Way with 360-Degree Evaluation. The the GLOBIS Way is always our base when deciding on new systems and policies.

Almost all GLOBIS employees are mid-career hires. We come from a variety of backgrounds and are a very diverse Organization. GLOBIS Vision the GLOBIS Way are the guideposts for that many employees to face in the same direction. It is precisely because the GLOBIS Way is so pervasive that all employees are able to follow their heart's desires and freely take on challenges for self-fulfillment under their own responsibility. This maximizes the capabilities of each individual and allows them to push forward toward the grand vision of "Create and innovate society." We at GLOBIS will continue to pursue an even more ideal corporate entity in accordance with the GLOBIS Way.
If you are sympathetic to the GLOBIS Way, why don't you join us as a partner?