Faculty Group Office

Responsible for research and development of management knowledge. In addition to content development and lecturer training for graduate schools and GLOBIS Corporate Education, research and development of next-generation management research models and research on creating next-generation growth industries through technology and innovation.

About department

Faculty Group Office is responsible for the R&D function of GLOBIS' management knowledge, and is responsible for the supply of content and lecturers provided by GLOBIS, as well as quality control.
Specifically, we develop programs and teaching materials for business schools and corporate training, train instructors, and manage the quality of classes, supporting more than 20,000 classes per year.

In addition, based on research on corporate management, we create various contents such as GLOBIS Manabihoudai video materials, books, websites, etc., and disseminate them widely to the world.

In recent years, we have also focused on our own research activities: the AI Management Education Institute, launched in 2017, promotes research and development of next-generation management education models by combining AI technology, mainly natural language processing, with know-how and data on management education for working professionals developed over many years.
In addition, Technovate Institute of Management, which was launched in 2022, will utilize the management knowledge of the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University Management and the venture network of GLOBIS Capital Partners to promote research related to the creation of next-generation growth industries that utilize technology and innovation. 

Medium- to long-term vision

We have supported the growth of GLOBIS in terms of both content and instructors.
Exploring the ways of learning for adults that change with the times, expanding learning options from face-to-face classes in classrooms, interactive online classes, and individual optimization of learning using videos and AI. we have changed contents and teachers as well.
By combining and utilizing the science of learning and reliable technology that we have cultivated so far, we will continue to pursue better ways of learning and aim to implement them widely in society.

We will also focus on disseminating knowledge based on our own research activities at the AI Management Education Research Institute and Technovate Management Research Institute.
In addition, we will spread awareness that "if you come to GLOBIS, you will be able to meet a learning style that suits you and a learning community."

Division characteristics

Members are involved in the growth of people and have an endless intellectual curiosity about the science of learning.

The lecturers belong to one of eight specialised groups in the three basic areas of the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS: Marketing&Strategy, Organizarion Behavior&Human Resource, Management, Accounting&Finance, as well as the four areas that characterise GLOBIS education, such as Critical&Analytics, Cration&Inoverion, Kokorozashi and Technovate.
In each specialized field, we are developing teaching materials and examining teaching methods through the emergence of practitioner teachers with extensive knowledge of management practices and researcher teachers who are well-versed in academic research.

In order to support Japan's largest business graduate school and training business, it is essential to manage teaching materials by professional staff and to train and manage instructors.
We achieve this through well-planned and meticulous business promotion and heartful communication.

Interdepartmental collaboration/

"nano-MBA" is a collaborative development with our Faculty Group Office, GLOBIS Management School, and GLOBIS Digital Platform.

Learning points for beginners born from GLOBIS' many years of experience have been digitized using AI-based teaching technology (patented) developed by the AI Management Education Institute. By designing the learning experience from the ground up, we have created a form of learning that is optimal, deep and efficient for digital customers.
Since it is also certified as a credit for the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University, it is designed with consideration for the learning experience across products. By collaborating with multiple departments, we were able to develop the business with a sense of urgency, with courses offered in Japanese in 2021, and five courses in Japanese and courses in English in 2022.

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