President's Office & Entrepreneurship

Under the direct control of the President, we carry out a wide range of social contribution activities such as activities that are conscious of synergies between businesses such as public relations, owned media, accelerator programs, and social investment, as well as regional revitalization and conference management.

About department

President's Office&Entrepreneurship, as a department under the direct control of the Representative, in addition to staff duties such as the Representative Secretary, Group Public Relations and the operation of the owned media, "GLOBIS Chikenroku" and "GLOBIS Insights," it also flexibly promotes social contribution activities and activities that are not part of the core business divisions, such as the development of new businesses. 

Social contribution activities and activities that are the seeds of new businesses are as follows.
・Secretariat of G1, a platform where leaders from various fields gather, learn, and take action to "improve Japan"
・Supervision of group companies related to Mito and Ibaraki to create a model for regional revitalization
・Operation of the "KIBOW" social investment fund that conducts impact investment to solve social issues
・Support for venture companies such as the accelerator program "G-STARTUP" that aims to produce unicorns from Japan

Medium- to long-term vision

In terms of staff work related to the entire group, we will continue to communicate with awareness of synergies between businesses, increase the brand value of GLOBIS, and expand recognition.

The following medium- to long-term goals have been set for each of the activities currently established.
・Creating a “pioneering model for regional revitalization” through the revitalization of Mito and Ibaraki
・"LuckyFes" sponsored by Ibaraki Broadcasting System, a group company, aims to be the best festival in the world
・The accelerator program “G-STARTUP” aims to produce 100 unicorn companies.

Also, even if it doesn't exist at the moment, if the socio-economic environment in the future presents an opportunity for GLOBIS to work on, we will create a team in President's Office & Entrepreneurship and work on it.

Division characteristics

In addition to Yoshihito Hori's personal resources, by leveraging the resources of each business division in a cross-sectional manner, it is possible to carry out activities with a great impact even thouh the number of staff in the President's Office is small,

In addition, in the course of our activities, we are building relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders that are different from the direct customer base of each department, such as business schools and corporate businesses.
For example, major media and publishers for public relations, top leaders in politics, government, and academia and people in culture and sports for G1, motivated entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs for venture development and social investment for Mito and Ibaraki. Related businesses include sports business and broadcasting/entertainment business.
These networks lead to increased value for the entire GLOBIS Group.

Interdepartmental collaboration/

The G1 Institute  plans and manages The G1 Summit, G1 Management Conference, G1 Venture, and six other large-scale events.
Each event, which attracts 150 to 500 participants, is managed on the day of the event by a team of 20 to 50 employees who voluntarily applied from all over GLOBIS. Each time, the entire management staff gives their best, and through the dedication, hospitality, and flexible response of each individual, the joy and excitement of creating something together with everyone involved, both inside and outside the company, is born.
This system of recruiting volunteers from the entire group to manage the day's events was also applied to the first "LuckyFes" and contributed to the success of the festival, which was launched from scratch.

In addition, venture company support has been provided on a regular basis by investing in companies started by current and former students of the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University, and by having venture capitalists from GLOBIS Capital Partners participate as lecturers and mentors in the accelerator program.

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