GLOBIS Digital Platform

The EdTech business uses technology to create the future of learning and expand human potential. In-house development of multiple products and services such as “GLOBIS All-you-can-learn” and common platform products that support business. → Click here for the engineer/designer recruitment site

About department

The Digital Platform Division has a mission of "creating the future of learning and expanding human potential" and aims to achieve the vision of "becoming a world-leading Ed-Tech company from Japan". 

The following products and services are being carried out from development to business expansion.

・Subscription-type video learning service “GLOBIS Manabihoudai” and its English version “GLOBIS Unlimited

・The world's first AI-based content and discussion integrated MBA credit program nano-MBA/nano-MBA program

In addition to these, we are also developing the following systems to support the corporate activities of GLOBIS.

・" GLOPLA LMS" and "GLMS" as learning management systems that support training and development

・Common platform products to support business (authentication, payment, marketing, data analysis, etc.)

The atmosphere inside the department is like that of a venture company. We are also expanding overseas, and Organization is rich in diversity in terms of nationalities and backgrounds.

Medium- to long-term vision

We have defined our mission, vision and values as follows:
・Mission: To expand people's horizons by creating the future of education
・Vision: To become a leading global Ed-Tech company, born in Japan
・Value: Push the Limits! (Let's go over the limit!)

A willingness to take on challenges is essential in expanding people's potential and expanding the boundaries of new education. While facing reality squarely, we are not content to remain in the status quo, and always attack the ``in-course edge'' with a sense of speed. With an attitude of opening up new fields, we will boldly take on challenges, transcend current boundaries and limits, and boldly move forward. ——This feeling is embedded in our mission, vision, and values. To achieve this, we are working to foster an Organization culture that welcomes "courageous failures" and praises challengers.

Division characteristics

In order to have excellent human resources join us from all over Japan, we have been actively incorporating remote work since before the corona crisis. In addition, in order to create Organization that is easy for engineers and designers to work in, we have established a unique system that differs from other departments.
In order to share our mission and vision and foster an Organization culture that resonates with each other, we have introduced "OKR". OKR is a moonshot goal to realize the mission and vision set by the Digital Platform Division. Every team sets challenging goals and aims to achieve them. In addition, we shared the value of "Push the Limits!" at the general Meeting of the department. We celebrate each other's challenges.

Interdepartmental collaboration/

A good example of our technology "Technovate" is our cross-functional collaboration with GLOBIS Management School. We are collaborating on the development of nano-MBA/nano-MBA" to drive business improvement and business growth. The members involved in "nano-MBA/nano-MBA" are diverse. In the Meeting between us and GLOBIS Management School Japanese, many non-native employees have come to participate.
Therefore, we developed a tool that allows you to switch the language of the in-house chat tool Slack with a single stamp. We made it possible for anyone to communicate in any language. In addition to the development of "nano-MBA/nano-MBA", we also use machine learning to analyze data and make predictions, and share them with GLOBIS Management School. There are also cases where it has been used for sales activities (individual consultation with graduate schools). In addition, we automate GLOBIS Management School's Zoom (online class) operations, run improvement cycles, and improve work efficiency. Interdepartmental collaboration is active, such as in some cases where we have supported the operation of Twitter operation automation for President's Office & Entrepreneurship PR and PR.

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