1. 前職の業種・仕事

    I was working for a Taiwanese firm that provided digital solutions to a variety of clients, including fashion, trading, and gaming.
    For the first two years of my employment, I had the title of UX designer. In the third year, I began to focus more on being a user researcher.
    My role in the fashion project was to develop the user experience (UX) of online fitting.
    In my role as a UX designer, I created solutions based on user testing and data, and I also proactively built a strong design process to keep the team moving forward toward excellent performance.
    As a user researcher at the time, I was investigating new business opportunities and identifying important issues through primary and secondary research to enable improved product design and corporate strategy.

  2. グロービスに入社を決めた理由は?

    The education sector is the primary factor in my decision to choose GLOBIS. Before moving to Japan, I organized a lot of UX-related workshops and meetups myself. I was very interested in working at GLOBIS because I knew it was the top MBA with cutting-edge services like Online MBA and EdTech projects.

    The fact that GLOBIS encourages staff members to switch departments and the variety of services it offers made me think, "That must be exciting." Such a culture really appealed to me because I was easily demotivated if I had to do the same job for a long time.

    The people at GLOBIS were another reason in my decision. I had the opportunity to speak with designers, engineers, and managers during my interviews; they were all excellent listeners, and I really enjoyed our conversation. I wanted to work with open-minded people, and GLOBIS employees seemed to value creativity and be willing to take on new challenges.

  3. グロービスに入社する前後で感じたギャップ

    I've been employed by GLOBIS for almost 4 years now. As a foreigner, I was pleasantly surprised that employees here can maintain a healthy work-life balance, with no after-work drinking parties, female employees free to take maternity and child care leave, and no overtime work.

    Another fantastic aspect of working at GLOBIS is the always positive environment I experience at all types of meetings and business events. Managers truly mean it when they say "we embrace challenges." My team has always been really supportive, and I feel highly encouraged to propose new ideas.

    Last but not least, GLOBIS is expanding internationally, with numerous branches opening in Asia, the USA, and the EU. Many efforts have been made to improve the working environment for foreigners like me who are not fluent in Japanese as a result of this business approach. At some meetings, we even have real-time English interpreters now.

  4. 現在の仕事内容は?

    I am currently a member of a product team, and our primary target users are human resources or trainers. It serves as a platform for users to assign learning materials and track employee learning statistics like log-in rate and learning hours.

    As a UX practitioner, I have three main responsibilities. First, I assist the team in identifying opportunities through foundational and tactical research.

    Second, I also need to promote design thinking as a common language, therefore some of my responsibilities include educating UX, leading design workshops, and continuously improving design processes to achieve scalability.

    Lastly, I contribute to the development of good data practices for decision-making. Setup of a UX measurement plan and KPI tree is one of the tasks needed to link design to business performance.

    It gets harder to communicate with different stakeholders as the organization gets bigger and bigger. Nearly every year, I have to adjust to new procedures and collaborate with different teams, but fortunately, everyone at GLOBIS is really supportive, so it doesn't bother me too much.

  5. 今後のキャリアで実現していきたいこと

    A user research team is something I wish to create. A team of senior and junior researchers will assist each product team in carrying out accurate user research.

    I believe I can advance my career as far as I really need at GLOBIS because of its welcoming and supportive attitude. Since GDP's slogan is "Push the limit," I want to create a professional user research team, something I have never done before. Working on cutting-edge topics like AI in EdTech is what this research team will do.

    Additionally, I want to create a user research team that closely collaborates with business and technology professionals to ensure that research findings are effectively conveyed and utilized in their day-to-day work.

    The team should also serve as a resource for UX education, where anybody may go to learn about UX or obtain expert assistance for their own research projects.

  6. "グロービスっぽさ"を感じたエピソード

    People at GLOBIS are open-minded and consistently have positive attitudes regarding the uncharted or anything difficult, as I have repeatedly stated. For instance, I recently recommended to the team that we do a form of design workshop called a design sprint. It is a very time-consuming task that calls for everyone to come up with fresh concepts and design prototypes in only five days.

    The engineers pushed me to break up the design sprint into smaller chunks so they could fully experience the process despite their hectic schedules with other tasks. In the end, we turn the design sprint into three months of weekly, one-hour sessions.

    It turns out to be a really pleasant experience where we learn a new design method, develop lots of design ideas, and produce a high-fidelity prototype that is creative and thrilling for everyone who sees it.

    I sincerely admire the engineers and other stakeholders at GLOBIS for having such an open mind and a keen interest in user experience.



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