We support the growth of each individual through evaluations that emphasize "fairness", "a highly convincing evaluation process," and "communication."

Basic approach to evaluation of GLOBIS

Pursuit of Fairness

Our performance assessment systems ensure those who have demonstrated outstanding capabilities, work hard, create high value and exceed expectations are appropriately evaluated and fairly rewarded.

Fair and Reasonable Assessment Process

Our assessment procedures are as equitable and reasonable as possible while being flexible. We avoid using strict, inflexible assessment criteria.

Focus on Communication

When assessing people, our focus remains on maintaining close communication through dialogue, while complying with given rules.

Assessment of Performance

MBO System

MBO is a system in which the leader and members set specific goals for work and Ability Development, and confirm the progress of achieving the goals on a quarterly basis. In the operation of MBO, the leader and members share their wisdom every quarter, and take time to have a frank one-on-one discussion about their duties, such as how they can improve their abilities as individuals and how they can improve their performance. There is meaning in that.

360-Degree Evaluation

360-Degree Evaluation is evaluated not only by superiors but also from various perspectives, in order to more objectively evaluate to what level staff members are capable of embodying the GLOBIS Way. Self-evaluate yourself according to the evaluation items. Where is the gap between feedback obtained from others and self-awareness? I hope that self-examination as to why this is the case will lead to positive realizations for one's future.