Important values in recruitment

“Sharing VALUE” and “Unusual Utility”
Almost all GLOBIS members are mid-career hires. We are a diverse Organization with a wide range of backgrounds, ages, and nationalities. On the other hand, the GLOBIS Way is a signpost for diverse members to face the same direction. It is precisely because the GLOBIS Way is pervasive that each individual can follow their own aspirations and boldly take on challenges.

At the recruitment stage, one of the important factors is whether or not you can empathize and resonate with these values that we value. We would like to deepen mutual understanding by meeting as many GLOBIS members as possible and asking them about their own values and stories that have been spun from various angles.

Career recruitment

Selection flow

  1. Entry

    Please search for the position you are interested in from the "Open positions" page and click "Apply" at the bottom of the position details page to enter.

    For non-Japanese nationals, please indicate the type of status of residence (e.g. Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services) and the expiration date.

  2. Document screening

  3. Interview

    We would like you to deepen your understanding of the values and culture of GLOBIS by meeting various members of GLOBIS.
    If desired, it is possible to start with a casual interview.

    Depending on the situation, we will consult with you, such as doing it on the same day.

    During the selection process, we will ask applicants to submit an essay as an opportunity to verbalize what they would like to achieve at GLOBIS. The essay will not be judged on its own, but will be used as a reference for subsequent interviews.

  4. Interview to explain the offer

    This is an interview to explain the content of the offer and work, such as working conditions. A casual interview can also be arranged according to your wishes. We would like to support you in resolving your questions and concerns so that you can join us without any mismatches.

GO-EN System (referral recruitment)" GO-EN System" for those who have acquaintances and friends who work at GLOBIS

What is GO-EN System?

We conduct referral recruitment (employee introduction) that allows GLOBIS employees to connect and introduce acquaintances and friends. If you know a GLOBIS employee, you can apply using this system. If you are interested, please feel free to contact your friend or acquaintance at GLOBIS.

Advantages of GO-EN System

Before proceeding to the actual selection, you can deepen your understanding of GLOBIS by learning about the company's culture, work style, actual work, etc., and you can join us with fewer gaps after joining.

Selection flow

  1. Position search

    Search for the position you are interested in on Open positions page 

  2. Contact a GLOBIS employee

    Please contact GLOBIS employees and tell them the position (its name/URL) when you want to apply for a particular one. (If you have multiple interested positions, please tell our employees them. Also, we welcome you just wanting to hear about GLOBIS and the positions in the casual meeting.)

  3. Application

    GLOBIS employee will act as the referrer and complete the application process.

  4. Information registration

    After completing the procedures within GLOBIS, the referred person will receive an email from GLOBIS. After submitting the application documents, the application will be completed.

  5. Go to casual interview/selection flow

    The selection process is the same as for regular mid-career hires

  • The GO-en system is for full-time and contract employees of GLOBIS Corporation. Those who have already been selected by our company through other channels are not eligible for this system.