Interactions across departments and generations lead to the development of a good corporate culture.

Efforts to Foster Culture - Penetration of Philosophy

GLOBIS conducts philosophical management centered on the GLOBIS Way and provides an environment in such a way that all the staff can understand it and take it personally.
All Staff Meeting
This is a quarterly company-wide meeting. We share annual goals, share departmental activities, and introduce new members.
All staff Retreat
It is an initiative to discuss in an environment away from daily work.
・Understanding of the GLOBIS Way
・Management training camp (personalization of company-wide goals)
・Implemented for cross-departmental communication and Team Building.
*There is also a “Department Retreat” held within the department for the same purpose.

All staff Retreat

Company-wide Retreat for two days and one night

Odawara Company Retreat
We will create an opportunity to honor staff members who have contributed to the development of GLOBIS, and will award commendations and supplementary prizes for the purpose of fostering a good corporate culture. There are three types of awards: "Create and innovate Division", "Growth and Traction Division", and "Faculty Group Division".

2 months interview
About two months after joining the company, interviews are held with the person in charge of human resources and the head of the department. The focus is reviewing the past period and setting forward-looking goals for the future.
President lunch
This event is attended by newly hired full-time employees, contract employees, and temporary employees. Through dialogue with President Hori, we are creating opportunities to come into contact with the values that GLOBIS cherishes.
1st year training
Staff from each site who have been with the company for one year will gather together to deepen their understanding of the ideas that GLOBIS and communities value through discussions on topics such as the seven selected books of the GLOBIS and the GLOBIS Way. In addition, through dialogue with colleagues who are close to joining each department, students will deepen their awareness of their own driving forces and aspirations.
Sync community
We are creating a community where people who joined the company at the same time can connect with each other as a relationship that allows them to consult outside the department.
3rd year training
It is an opportunity to confront yourself and think about your future growth and challenges by looking back on your past three years after joining the company.
Book review session
This is a company-wide initiative that fosters self-improvement and a shared understanding of the company through dialogue between participants using books designated by the company as the subject matter.

Cultural Fostering Initiatives - Opportunities for Exchange

I believe that new value creation will be born by discovering and being inspired by interacting with the diverse human resources gathered at GLOBIS. We promote opportunities for interaction with the aim of creating good relationships, forming a good community, and fostering a good culture unique to GLOBIS.
Year End Party
This is a get-together party where staff from all bases get together to celebrate the achievements of the year and promote communication.
Company trip
Targeting staff and their families, the event is held with the concept of thanking families, who are important stakeholders, for their contributions and deepening their understanding of GLOBIS.
This is an event where everyone at each site gathers together and spends a good time, deepening mutual understanding and exchanges across divisions.

Lunch Gathering Tokyo

Lunch Gathering Nagoya

GLOBIS Work Cafe
It is a place for employees to talk about their own work and have contact with departments and teams that they do not normally have contact with at work.
Derived from Lucky Fes, it is an opportunity to enjoy socializing with good club music and alcohol.
Independent activity event
We support social gatherings and study session expenses for the purpose of forming a community through mutual exchanges and study sessions both inside and outside the company that transcend departments and fostering a good culture unique to GLOBIS. (Global exchange community, in-house MBA student community, sports live viewing event, DJ community, Disney community, etc.)

sports live viewing

Internal student community

Club/circle activities
Through physical education and cultural activities, we support activities for the purpose of promoting communication among staff members and promoting health maintenance. (Futsal club, badminton club, basketball club, running club, swimming club, bicycle club, squash club, dance team, golf club, tennis club, workout club, art club, Japanese-English language exchange, Maruhachi Bunka Club, ukulele club , board game circle, mahjong club, wine club, cooking study group, whiskey galore, karaoke circle, sauna club, photography club, etc.)

Club/circle activities

ukulele circle