Important values in recruitment

“Sharing VALUE” and “Unusual Utility”

Almost all GLOBIS members are mid-career hires. We are a diverse Organization with a wide range of backgrounds, ages, and nationalities. On the other hand, the GLOBIS Way is a signpost for diverse members to face the same direction. It is precisely because the GLOBIS Way is pervasive that each individual can follow their own aspirations and boldly take on challenges.

At the recruitment stage, one of the important factors is whether or not you can empathize and resonate with these values that we value. We would like to deepen mutual understanding by meeting as many GLOBIS members as possible and asking them about their own values and stories that have been spun from various angles.

Can I apply even if I have no experience or come from a different industry?

You can apply even from different industries. (At GLOBIS, many members have changed jobs from different industries.) Also, if you meet the application requirements, you can apply even if you have no experience.

I used to be a member of GLOBIS, can I still apply?

You can apply. We hope that you will continue to play an active role at GLOBIS by making use of the experience and knowledge you have cultivated both inside and outside the company. (Since you will be subject to normal recruitment screening, we do not promise to hire you.)

Do you employ persons with disabilities?

We are hiring. For details, please check the details from [Search by employment type → Employment of people with disabilities] in "Recruitment type".

Please tell us about the selection process.

The basic process is "application → document screening → interview (standard 3-4 times) → offer". Please note that the number of interviews may change depending on the situation.
*In the middle of the selection process, there may be a chance to have a casual chat with GLOBIS members. We would like you to deepen your understanding of the values and culture of GLOBIS by meeting various members of GLOBIS.

Please tell me about submissions such as essays and portfolios.

Please submit your resume and work history at the time of entry. During the selection phase, we may ask you to submit an essay or portfolio. Please see the detailed application requirements for each position, as submissions differ depending on the position.

I have been selected for GLOBIS in the past, is it possible to re-enter?

If a certain amount of time has passed since your last entry and you have acquired new experience and skills, you may apply again for the same position. You can apply for other positions regardless of the period.

I'm wondering what kind of job I should get. Is it possible to enter multiple occupations?

If you are applying for multiple positions, please apply after describing the position you are interested in in the "message to applicant" column on the application screen.

Will the interview be online? Face to face?

Based on online interviews. (We may discuss face-to-face selection depending on the request of the candidate and our company.)

Should I wear or prepare anything for interviews?

There is no dress code. In the case of an online interview, we will inform you of the online environment, PC, earphones, etc. at the time of interview scheduling.

What is an offer interview?

This is an interview to explain the content of the offer and the work, such as working conditions, when a job offer is made. We would like to support you in resolving your questions and concerns so that you can join us without any mismatches.

Can foreign nationals join the company?

There are no nationality restrictions, but it is necessary to obtain a status of residence that allows you to work in Japan in order to work. In addition, in the case of hiring as a full-time employee, daily to native level Japanese proficiency is required. (Depending on the position, the criteria required for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test are different. Please see the application requirements details for each position.)

Please tell me about the return of application documents and the handling of personal information.

Documents (data, paper), etc. submitted at the time of application cannot be returned. Please note. For details, please refer to "Privacy Policy".

Please tell me about the welfare program and work style system

Please see this page for benefits and work styles

Is remote work possible?

Remote work is possible. GLOBIS recommends that employees come to the office at least two days a week because they want to form a good community through a real "place". Depending on the department and position, whether or not remote work is possible and the approximate frequency of coming to work will differ, so please see the application requirements details for each position for details.

Please tell us about Onboarding, training, and career system after joining the company.

Please see this page for information on Onboarding, training, and careers after joining the company.

Please tell me about Assessment of Performance

Please see this page for Assessment of Performance.

Is it possible to request a transfer to another department or occupation during career development after joining the company?

Yes. It is possible. Please see this page for details.

Is it possible to have a side job?

Yes. It is possible. Please see this page for details.

Please tell me about Capacity

They are grouped into four groups according to expected roles. (Expert’s Expected Role, Professional’s Expected Role, Technology’s Expected Role, Faculty’s Expected Role) Please refer to here for details of each Capacity.

What kind of PC/device can I use?

We lend devices with the necessary specifications and configurations according to the characteristics of the department and position.

What kind of clothes do you wear to work?

You are basically free. Many of our employees wear casual clothes because they wear clothes that are comfortable to work in. In order not to be rude when meeting customers, there may be cases where operations are set for each department.